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league of corinth


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The League of Corinth, also sometimes referred to as Hellenic League (original name: Hellenes - 'The Greeks') was a federation of Greek states created by Philip II of Macedonia during the winter of 338 BC/337 BC to facilitate his use of military forces in his war against Persia. The name 'League of Corinth' was coined by modern historians.

The major provisions were:

  1. Member states' constitutions in force at the time of joining were guaranteed;
  2. The Synedrion, or congress of representatives, was to meet at Corinth;
  3. The League would act to prevent any acts of aggression or subversion against any member state;
  4. The League would maintain an army levied from member states in approximate proportion to their size;
  5. Philip II was declared commander of the League's army; and,
  6. In addition to the provisions of the League, Philip II garrisoned soldiers in Corinth, Thebes, and Ambracia. He was powerful enough to impose these measures because he had just defeated an alliance of Theban and Athenian forces at the Battle of Chaeronea.

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